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Then I opened my file, deleted a letter in the body and retyped the letter so it would allow me to save the file and then I uploaded that file.My understanding (based entirely on trial and error) is that when I save a file that uses my template, the template piece of the file is saved.You may find that there's a missing tag somewhere — for instance, a missing closing area isn't closed …and so the next editable area (for instance, your content area) is obvious "nested" in the head region. Unfortunately, DW may not alert you by noting that the tag is missing.

You can find the file in your website’s folder named as “dreamweaver.ste”. If you transfer your files to your server by another means, be sure to omit this file or simply delete it after importing your site into Dreamweaver as it isn’t needed after import.

Imagine having to go through every page on a site with hundreds of pages, just to (say) add a new button to your navigation menu.

Here's where Dreamweaver CS5 shines in helping you automate the task of creating and maintaining a multi-page website.

Because before you could even get your copy installed, the j Query team released a significant upgrade to the core j Query library – version 1.6.

Along the way, the j Query Mobile framework has also been updated to version 1.0a4, which includes several important bug fixes. Before proceeding, you’ll obviously want to go grab the updated libraries themselves.

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I went to my site, refreshed my file and the template portion is still wrong (I’ve changed a link in my table of contents because I moved a file from a sub-directory up to the root level — not sure I’m using the correct language there). I read the article about finding all the pages that use the same template in order to ensure that my file was using that correct template. After you update your pages, any page that has changed will have to be uploaded.

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