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with Stassi calling out Scheana for allegedly leading a group of frenemies trying to bring her private pleasure video to the surface.

She felt they were behind the video being sent to several media outlets -- even though it never did go public.

With sexy slim legs, an amazing toned belly, and a incredibly tight little ass, she's got sex appeal from head to toe.

And thanks to her sexy smile and big blue eyes, she's just as believable playing the seductive dominatrix as she is as a sweet-faced, innocent, next-door beauty.

Watching her lover get naked one piece of clothes at a time gets Staci turned on in an instant, prompting her to get naked too to caress her juicy pussy.

Sources tell TMZ that Stassi and Scheana Shay got into an epic argument during the episode ...

Lisa confirmed the whole cast tried to protect Stassi – and seems disappointed that after all her hard work Stassi outed its existence at the reunion! I tried to do everything I could to protect her,” Lisa told Rumor Fix.

“I hope she can move past it.”Lisa also denies watching Stassi’s Self-Pleasure Soliloquy, even though she was given the opportunity, and she defends Stassi.

“When you’re young sometimes you do stupid things.” A source explained the “entire cast” agreed not to leak it to the media or mention its existence.

Lisa muses, “This may explain the attitude Stassi’s had for the cast although they were very loyal to her.”Lisa echoed that statement on twitter: Lisa also admitted on twitter that she paid to help keep Stassi’s solo project a secret.

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