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Now that school’s back, you probably feel some pressure to get your child to read. How can you encourage reading when your child who can read won’t read? So don’t require a certain number of pages per day, don’t give out stars for books finished – don’t even sign up for your local library’s summer reading challenge unless your child wants to do it. The only way you can support the sort of intrinsic motivation you want to see is to eliminate any attempts you’ve been making to extrinsically motivate your child.They love to read all the mushy details, and stockpile those ideas for their own romantic explorations.

It was a long road though, and he's been with me for nine years now and is completely used to all the weird things I do. So I started thinking about all the bookworm-type things I do, that I find completely normal, that others might not understand. If you're thinking about dating a bookworm, here's a few things you should be aware of.

Either we have already read the book and need to see if they do it well.

Or we saw the trailer, which has made us want to read the book...

Bookworms seem like anti-social wallflowers with their nose buried into a good novel. Books instill a significant amount of culture and imagination, and those are great qualities when it comes to a romantic partner.

You’d be surprised by the amount of game a bookworm has. They’re Adventurous: Ever wanted to try river rafting? Bookworms spend their free time reading about far away lands and exciting adventures.

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  1. “When the school year ended and I still had 30 pages to go on the script, I struck a deal with the kids and a baby sitter: For the first month of summer, I’d work on the script during the mornings, and they could be on their i Pads a bit extra.