Egyptian brows for dating friendship

This is an ancient practice that originated in India or Central Asia (depending on who you ask). Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about so-and-so’s amazing brows, or marvel at things like eyebrow extensions and even lace-front brow wigs, but brows have more history—and more to do with history—than you’d ever suspect.“Much like hair colour and hairstyle trends, brows have definitely played their part in creating one's identity as well as classifying a certain era with a distinctive look.”So with her and other industry experts' guidance, we took a look at the major brow trends dating as far back as ancient Egypt, some of the most copycat-worthy looks, and a few that might just be better left in the past. A revolt which broke out among native Egyptian soldiers gave him his opportunity to seize the throne.

It also requires some growth to be effective, so keep that in mind if you don’t want walk around with unkempt brows leading up to your wax sesh.

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But hair trends aren’t the only defining characteristics of an era: though not quite as obvious, eyebrows can be indicative of moment in time, too.

“We’ve seen thick, thin, unibrow, nonexistent, dyed, bleached, tweezed, and bejewelled,” says brow guru and founder of her eponymous brand, Zoey Van Jones.

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